would you like to fall in love?

Love. Some want it. Some had it. Some didn’t like the way it turned out. Some wish to find it again.

If you are currently single, I wish to assist you in falling in love with the right person to marry and live with for the rest of your life. This offer is to both single men and single women. The way I can be of greatest assistance is to teach you the LovePath.

In Your LovePath I show you how people fall in love, what true love is, what makes it happen, what makes it last, and what to do if love falters. It is exactly what the title implies, the path for love. As I told Montel Williams on his TV program, “Falling in love is a process. If you follow the process, you fall in love whether you mean to or not. If you vacate or violate the process, you fall out of love whether you mean to or not.” Those who know and understand the process use it to fall in love and stay in love. Those who don’t just take their chances.

The book, Your LovePath, comes out soon. I can’t sell it to you yet because I don’t have it in hand. However, I can and do offer this. Email me telling me that you are single but want to be in love — a love that will last a lifetime — and why you seek that love. I will read all those emails and choose a person to receive one of the first copies of Your LovePath to come off the press. If you don’t win, I’ll send you a coupon to get a discount on the book.

Send the email to info@joebeam.com. Tell what you seek when it comes to love and why you want the book. Be aware that I may use quotes from various emails in future blogs and such, but I will protect the identity of anyone whose quotes I use. 

Get those emails in ASAP. I’ll choose in a few days.