Five Relationship Tips for Singles

Five things to insure a successful relationship.

Commit – A different mindset exists between renters and buyers. If you want a relationship that is strong, make a decision whether to commit to the relationship or to move on. Of course, it may take time to make the decision, but it should be measured in months, not years.

Give and Take – Good relationships don’t have winners and losers. To have a healthy relationship, learn the art of compromise. Never give up things that really are important to you, but don’t draw your battle lines so far out that you never give at all. When you each get the “core” of what you want, the relationship will work very, very well.

Respect – Synthesize the research on why people divorce and you’ll discover that the three primary reasons people want out of a relationship is that they either don’t feel respected, don’t feel liked, or don’t feel loved. To respect another person is to seek what they think, allow them to be who they are, and never, ever embarrass them. Always treat your partner with as much compassion and esteem as you would give royalty.

No Controlling – Trying to control what your partner thinks, feels, or does eventually will destroy their love for you. Allowing your partner to try to control what you think, feel, or do eventually destroys your love for them.

Think Long Term – While popping off in the heat of battle can seem satisfying in the short term, maturity considers the long-term effect of every word and every action. As Susie Welch suggests, ask yourself what the consequences will be in ten minutes, ten months, and ten years.