would you like to rescue lost love?

If you are married but it isn’t going well — either one or both of you are miserable and thinking of getting out — I would like to give you a gift.

I offer a copy of my new book Your LovePath. I’m not implying that simply reading a book can solve all marital problems, but I’ve written this book to address the most important matters in growing in love and rescuing lost love. It actually demonstrates the path that you followed as you fell in love and the path you likely followed as love weakened or died. Better than that, I show you how to use that same LovePath to fall in love all over again. Because I know that you may be the only one to read the book — perhaps your spouse has no interest at this point — it can actually lead you to follow the steps to lure your resistant spouse back onto the LovePath.

Email me telling me about your marriage and why you seek to rescue your love. I will read all those emails and choose a person to receive one of the first copies of Your LovePath to come off the press. If you don’t win, I’ll send you a coupon to get a discount on the book.

Send the email to info@joebeam.com. Be aware that I may use quotes from various emails in future blogs and such, but I will protect the identity of anyone whose quotes I use. 

Get those emails in ASAP. I’ll choose in a few days.



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