Putting Jesus On the Top of Your To-Do List

Written by guest blogger Andrea Frazer

It was a crazy past few weeks, hence less posting. I suppose, during those times, I should write more. I can’t be the only woman trying to juggle finances, kids, cooking, cleaning, missing field trip slips, exercise, marriage and prayer.

Hmmm. Perhaps the fourth word in the first sentence would be changed to “tolerable” if I had only put prayer at the head of my crazy to-do list.

A woman from my Bible study often reminds me that so often we do what we want to do (our feelings) and then ask God to bless us (true wisdom.) This is the polar opposite of what we are supposed to do which is to ask God to guide us and then praise him for the wisdom, grace and peace we needed to get through it.

Many of you seasoned Christians might be sitting at your lap tops shouting a hearty “Well, DUH!” but we newbies need a little reminder sometimes.

I can honestly say, however, that while Jesus didn’t exactly reign at the top of the food chain, He must have aided my spiritual digestion. For example:

  • I didn’t have complete stomach aches over some possible job situations.
  • I didn’t end up in a fetal position in the corner of my retro kitchen – sucking down Merlot like a wino at Bevo – when I saw some new tics roll into my son’s face.
  • I didn’t interrogate every person I knew (nor random stranger) for their opinion on how I should talk to my kids’ school principal about a last minute meeting that she, not I, scheduled.

Okay, that last one? I polled about half my friends and a few random parents during Friday Coffee hour on campus. You can call me a needy twit, but I prefer to call it wisdom from God reminding me to find fellowship with others.

Perhaps some of my prayer, albeit not structured, is starting to aid me. I’m not as calm as Christ was – sleeping on a pillow while the waves roared and crashed outside the boat – but I’m not running around screaming in my undies while trying to keep Yuban from splashing my retro tee shirt either. I’m finding a tiny bit of grace.

Mark 4: 39-40: And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm. And he said unto them, Why are ye so fearful? How is it that ye have no faith?

Yesterday an old friend called me. She’s even newer to Christ than I am. She was horrified at the thought of her unbelieving spouse not going to heaven. She was wringing her hands over what type of church to attend. She was anxiously listing the pros and cons of sending her son to an Awana class. “How will I ever know what direction to go?” she fretted.

While I talked on the cell phone with one hand, and pushed the grocery cart through the fish aisle at my favorite Asian market, I responded, “Kristen, you don’t have to do anything. All you have to do is pray and read your Bible. God will assure you.”

There was a pause as bulging fish eyes peered at me over shaved ice. Before Christ, I had a similar expression almost daily.

“Oh, really?” she went on. “I’ve been praying for a long time and have not exactly heard Jesus’s voice blasting through my stereo speakers.”

I continued. “Have some patience. It’s God’s time frame, not yours. You’ve been at this for less than a year. It’s unlikely you’ll hear God speaking directly to you over your Starbuck’s latte. But when you have peace… When you have less doubt… When the storms arise and you acknowledge them but aren’t freaked by them… then you’ll know it’s God.”

She took a breath. “You’re right,” she sighed. “I need patience. Thank you for reminding me of that. I feel so much better.”

Now if only I can take my own advice.

I’m pretty sure a new Christian giving advice to an even newer Christian is what Jesus meant by “The blind leading the blind.” But heck, as long as I’m not leading any of us into a cult where we sing to God in purple robes, take on multiple spouses and smoke weed all day in the name of Jesus, I think I’ll keep on keeping on.

Until next time, may you have nothing but clear skies. But if it storms, may you rest on God’s pillow of peace until it passes.

More of Andrea’s writing can be found at www.lifehappins.com



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  1. Irishmama7

    Ahhh you mean that as a Christian you are supposed to rely on God? And not worry? Trust? (rhetorical questions mainly) As a ‘seasoned’ Christian nope sorry you and new Christians are not the only ones who ask these questions and as for the blind leading the blind comment, I think that while we are all ‘blind’ all Christians learn from each other, hence why fellowship and support is so important. And thank you, because especially today I need a reminder to be patient and let go and let God.


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