Kimberly Married Rob

I don’t officiate weddings very often. If I do, it’s because there is a special reason. There couldn’t be a better reason than the one on January 2, 2011. That day I officiated at the wedding of my youngest daughter, Kimberly.

Rob serves as First Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. Kimberly met him first as they were about five years old when Rob’s family went to the same church my family attended. The best illustration of their relationship in those days was the day Rob was with his mom, Kim, at our house and decided to play with Kimberly’s toy car. You’ve seen the type. Red body; yellow top. Room enough inside for one kid to sit and propel the car Fred Flintstone style. Kimberly wasn’t interested in it until Rob commandeered it. She demanded he vacate. He took off as fast as his little feet would shuffle. She flung herself on top and hung on for dear life, trying to reclaim her property as Rob deftly weaved in an effort to dislodge her. None of us looked at each other and said, “Yep. Those two are destined to marry each other.” I was just hoping they would each walk away without being maimed from the fight.

At the wedding, Kimberly’s nephew Tyler drove that same little car down the aisle  with a silk pillow attached to carry the wedding bands. During the ceremony I told the story. Actually, I told several stories from her childhood and his. This wasn’t a sad, somber occasion. As serious as a wedding is, we also made this one fun. We laughed together. We even ended with the “secret sacred dance” of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. (Should’ve seen the faces of the unsuspecting bride and groom.)

Kimberly and Rob will be good for each other. Each loves Jesus. They love each other. They genuinely care about people and both of them have a compassionate heart for those in need. They’ve both done mission work, though not together until now. Soon Rob will be transferred to Camp Humphries, South Korea. Kimberly will move there with him. All the recent saber rattling there recently has both sets of parents a little apprehensive, but we all know that her place is with Rob and Rob goes where the army sends him. Besides, God is just as much in Korea as he is in Tennessee.

He will use Kimberly and Rob there. They, no doubt, will be missionaries to soldiers, soldiers’ families, as well as Koreans. They always have been before they got together. Now they will be more powerful as a team. The kingdom sends missionaries from the USA to South Korea and Uncle Sam pays for it. Great. Please, Lord, send them home safely again. We already miss them and they haven’t gone yet.

If you would like to send wishes, advice, written prayers, money, blessings, or anything else to help them as they start a new life together in a foreign country, put it in an envelope and send to Rob & Kimberly Holmes, c/o LovePath, 330 Mallory Station Road,  Suite 19, Franklin, TN, 37067.



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