Is it good to marry more than one wife?

The title gives the question that someone sent. I do not know if the one asking is male or female. However, my answer is short.

First, if you mean having more than one wife at a time, evaluate whether that is worth going to prison. Polygamy is illegal in each of the 50 USA states.

Second, if you mean having more than one wife at a time and neither knows about the other, I recommend you upgrade your heath insurance and get a great disability policy. While you’re at it, make all your wives beneficiaries for your life insurance. The law and the insurance company will exclude from benefits the wife that kills you. 

Third, if you mean that one marriage is over and you wonder about having another, I have a question. Why would you not try to reconcile with your former wife? Sometimes that is impossible, I understand, but it can happen much more often than most people realize. Not only can bad marriages be put back together, they usually are far stronger than they were before. Call us at 866-903-0990 and we will help you put your marriage back together.

If the marriage is over, your spouse will not stop doing destructive things (such as having a lover), or if she has remarried, then, yes, it can be good to marry another wife. Same goes for a man who lost his wife to death. HOWEVER, do NOT marry too quickly. In my experiences, every man or woman who married quickly after a divorce or death wound up with miserable marriages. Let time pass. Heal. Get your head on straight before plunging into marriage again.

If you have had many wives, think about this: sometimes the single life works best for certain people…



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  1. Nick

    Isn’t polygamy actually legal in Utah?


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