Adult Children Sue Mom

It’s about time someone sued their Mom because she didn’t put cash in a birthday card…WHAT?!

You can read the news article here to get all the gory details. The gist is that two privileged children in their 20’s sued their Mom for bad parenting for reasons such as:

  • she called her daughter at midnight during homecoming to tell her to come home
  • she told her son when he was seven that if he didn’t buckle his seat belt she would call the police
  • she gave her son a birthday card that, although nice, wasn’t as he wanted it to be – especially because it did not contain cash or check

For all her “bad mothering” they wanted $50,000.

According to reports the documents in the case come to a foot high and it took the court two years before they threw it out.

Now this gives me an idea….

My Mom once cooked collard greens for supper on Halloween night. I remember vividly because I kept trying to give them to the kids that came trick or treating. I hate collard greens, especially the way they smell when they are cooking, so I’m convinced that this is one of the reasons I am as warped as I am today. That means Mom should pay!

You may not believe it but she also made me bathe whether I wanted to or not. Ghastly behavior.

She even made me dress up to go to church on Sunday, and, get this, she was so brazen as to tell me on the way there, “Today you better not act like you usually do or I’ll take a belt to you.” Can you believe that? Talk about bad mothering…

She actually did take a belt to me; that wasn’t an idle threat. Though I can’t actually remember how old I was at the time, I know that she spanked me on at least one occasion. Okay, maybe it wasn’t a belt…but it sure FELT like a belt…so that gives me legal right to sue her, doesn’t it?

The list is endless.

I had to come in at dark whether I was done playing or not.

I had to say “sir” and “ma’am” and treat women and older people with respect.

She wouldn’t let me lie, cheat, or steal.

She expected me to cut the lawn (along with my brother) and do other chores that needed doing.

Wow, now that I think about all this, I can sue her for a fortune!

Now, tongue removed from cheek, “Thank you, Mom, for all the ‘bad mothering’ that gave me morals, values, and a standard of life that put God first and respected people.” Well, one more thing, “If you buy me a Porsche, I promise I will never sue.”